Get Me Out of Here

A post from Alexander’s point of view:

So I haven’t been feeling well the last few days since Mom and Dad brought me home. I have tried to let them know by lots of crying and very little sleep and yesterday they finally got the message. I went to visit this really nice lady and she thought I looked a “little off.” Thanks a lot lady…I’ve been through a lot in the last few days…you would look off too!

Well like I said, she was pretty nice but she poked and prodded me and sent me to a really mean lady who stuck my heel to draw blood. Boy was I mad at that. Mom kept crying and saying she was so sorry that I was going through this. The heel stick was over pretty quick but what really made me mad was being put in the carseat to go to the Dr, in the carseat to go get blood work, in the carseat to go home, in the carseat to go back to the hospital, all before lunch!

Apparently I have jaundice and need to go get a tan. Well I don’t mind that but this constant room service IV thing sucks. Took them forever to get that in and I screamed and fought it the whole time. Once they finally got it in, weighed me (6lbs 9oz) and got me in my room, I was exhausted and happy to wear thier designer shades and nap in the light. Mom finally got to rest too, now that I was feeling a little better each day.

The first day or two of this was okay, but we are going on three days and I am tired of these crazy nurses waking me up at all hours. Tell them to let me go home and leave my poor heels alone!

oh and here is a video of the hospital that I was in while being treated for my jaundice. It was really neat and had very cool paintings.

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