Oh What a Day!

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So today was amazing! I hung out with Mom and Dad this morning and since I didn’t wake them up last night they were in the best mood. Then Mom and I took Aunt Christine and her boyfriend Justin to this huge old building downtown. I think Mom’s gonna post some pictures of it so check them out. After we walked all over this huge building (The Texas state capitol says Mom) we went to eat at Poke Jo’s. I took a nap on the way so I would be ready for my first taste of BBQ. Mom ordered me some chopped beef, green bean casserole and corn casserole and got some sliced beef for her. Well it was all to spicy for me. I took one bite of the corn casserole and my whole face turned red and I got so mad. The green beans were okay but the chopped beef was not for me. I’m a brisket man, so Mom gave me her sliced brisket and ate my chopped beef. I love BBQ. I even got a whole bananna for dessert. MMMM. Then we came home, checked on Dad and then headed back out to our neighborhood Homestead Festival (Mom should have some pictures of this too). Boy was that neat. The Homestead is real and was built around 1888. I got to see all kinds of old buildings, a stuffed buffalo and lots of people dressed up in old fashioned clothes. It was really pretty cool. I even got to sit on a pony for the first time. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures, I sure had fun doing everything in them!

and just for fun, here’s a recap of Mom, Dad, the puppies and of course Me over the last 18 months!

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