Ready for Halloween

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So its been a busy month since Mom last had time to put some pictures up. I got my 1 year pictures taken, Mom was so happy with them and I loved cheesing it up for the camera. We’ve spent a lot of time at the park, and even got to try my halloween costume out at the fall carnival. There’s lots of new pictures up so check them out.


Other fun things to note, I am talking up a storm. New words that I am saying are cheese, shoes (pronounced chooz), out, puppy, princess, cracker, fishes (for goldfish), ball, memaw, gigi, ya-ya, mama, daddy, bye bye, kiss, uh uh, yes, what, and tons more.


I am sleeping lots these days and am down by 8 each night and sleeping until 6 each morning. Apparently I am never going to be a late sleeper.


I have another cold and this one is already in my chest, so lots of yuck, that is hopefully gone before next Saturday when I go to pumpkin patch to pick out my pumpkin.


Check back next week for pictures of my trip.

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