Holidaze,.. Under Construction

As the 2007 Holidays come to a close I am beginning work on a 2008 guide to saving your sanity and keeping organized for the next Holiday season.  Most people find that they cant enjoy the six weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years due to how chaotic it can be.  I met a number of ladies this year who were praying for Christmas to hurry up and be gone so their life could get back to normal. 

What these ladies needed was a way to spread out what they needed to do so they could enjoy the season and not feel crunched for time and money.  This guide is all about making your lists and checking them twice to make sure you don’t walk around in aHolidaze.


  1. Introduction to the Pieces of the pie (cards, newsletters, shopping, budgets, wrapping, baking, decorating)
  2. Random Tips and Tricks
  3. Website resources
  4. Cards/Family updates (letters, newsletter, poem)/thank you cards
  5. Holiday Budget
  6. Decorating, decorate early so you can enjoy it, keeps you in the holiday mood
  7. Baking/Food preparation
  8. Wrapping/assembling/stockings
  9. Hosting a celebration
  10. Making time for you


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