Short and Sweet

It’s finally caught up with me. I was able to hang past midnight most of our vacation but I have been yawning since Alex went down at 7:30 tonight.  It really cracked me up how defensive I was with the few friends silly enough to sound surprised at my ability to hang in there and watch the ball drop.  From the consummate party girl in college to the sleep deprived parent of a toddler, I have gone a long way in a short time.  It wasn’t long ago that 9:30 on a Wednesday meant it was time to head to Scruffy’s for some hilarious Karaoke.  There’s days when I miss that life, and then there’s days like today when my bed looks better than anything else.

I got my Curves workout in this morning, and some extra crunches a few different times today.  I even managed to talk myself into 3 push-ups!  I was motivated by the freaking crazy funny commercial that Yo-plait is running right now with the husband who is scouring the fridge for the desserts he hears his wife mentioning.  Looks like I might have to grab some Boston Creme Pie yogurt next time I’m out!


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