I Met the Little Einstiens

What a day!


So yesterday Momma, Daddy and I took Disney World by storm. We got up early (I’m always early but Mom and Dad were slackers and tried to go back to sleep), and got some breakfast where I spit eggs all over Daddy. Little did he know it was the first of five times that day that I would shower him in something. 🙂 After a hearty breakfast I went screaming down the halls to our room waking everyone else up! It was after 8 so I didn’t see any need to moderate my voice. Then we got dressed, and I got to wear my special Mickey Mouse Playhouse shirt mom got from Target before we left. It has a button at the bottom and when you push the button it plays the M, I, C, K, E, Y, M, O, U, S, E song. As you’ll see from the pictures of our day I showed off the shirt and danced with all my favorite characters that I got to meet. They danced along with me and made my day.


So after Mom and Dad finally got dressed and around (I swear they took forever and I got so bored I destroyed the hotel room trying to find something to do), we went downstairs and caught the bus to Hollywood Studios MGM. I was so excited to ride the bus that I entertained everyone on it shouting BUS, BUS and again playing and dancing along to the music from my shirt. Once we got to MGM we went straight to the Disney Playhouse show to see when it would start. Right as we got to that area I spotted JoJo from JoJo’s circus and I went nuts! Momma and Daddy had been a little worried that I would get scared by all the characters but as soon as they let me out of the stroller I ran over to JoJo to visit. I played with her for about 10 minutes since no one else was around and I got to squeak her nose just like she does on TV. I also got to hug her and Goliath her loin. As you can tell from the HUGE grin on my face in the pictures I was ecstatic to get to see some of my favorite characters in real life. When JoJo left to go and take a break I was so upset and tried several times to run after her and Goliath into the cast area.


Throughout the day I got to meet JoJo and Goliath, Leo, June, Quincy and Annie from the Little Einsteins, Donald Duck, and Chicken Little. I rode the Viking boat ride and loved it, the Three Caballeros boat ride in Mexico, the Finding Nemo ride, and the big boat from MGM to Epcot. I enjoyed the Disney Playhouse show and Momma will post video of that pretty soon, but you wouldn’t know it from my expression. I was a little overwhelmed so I look a little straight-faced instead of smiling, but I really did have a great time. Momma and Daddy also went and saw the Muppet Show, but I was tired from running all over the place and decided to crash and take a super deep nap.


All in all I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back in a few years when I can do even more.


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