Fabulous 50’s

Why celebrate this incredible milestone with gloom and doom, blow up toliets, and practical jokes? If you are looking for a fun, light-hearted alternative to going “over the hill”, check out these ideas for a rocking good time!

First, think about getting an entertainer for the kids that will be present. This frees you and their parents up to have a good time. I’m proud to reccomend Bonzo Crunch, http://www.bonzocrunch.com/.

Then decorate with fun, festive colors. This Celebrate 50 theme is avaliable both online and in local party stores.

We took the theme even farther, by having custom invitations made and a cake to match.
The cake, a fondant masterpiece shown here, was created by Blue Note Bakery, http://www.bluenotebakery.com/.

The design was inspired by both the decorations and the custom invitation designed by RSVP Regrets Only, http://www.rsvpregretsonly.com/. All in all, this was a perfect way to celebrate such a special day. Our guest of honor spent it surrounded by friends and family, enjoying cake, tea and lemonade and a festive atmosphere provided by the light-hearted decorations and upbeat music.


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