Rock the Vote and Get House Hunting

I voted yesterday…whohoo. So the election hype and drama is over for me, at least until they announce the winner. I am however, anxiously awaiting Election Day to come and go so that the real estate market can pick back up again. Everyone I talk to from lenders to my favorite trusted Realtor has told me that the market just generally comes to a standstill before the election. I trust my Realtor so we’re just playing the waiting game. But boy does it stink when you have a house for sale.

Other houses have popped up for sale in our neighborhood, and like any interested party we either checked them out online or dropped by and I’m pleased to say that ours is definitely a strong competitor, possibly even a front runner. The other houses have laminate and we have tile, some have semi open floor plans, we have a true open floor plan, they have carpet, we have new laminate floors, etc. So all we can think is Come On Future Homeowner…:) Come see our old house and fall in love with it. I really do want it to go to a great family. We put so much time and effort into it that I feel invested in wanting a good family for it.

Ok, I just spotted my son making off with a Sam’s Club size box of goldfish for his breakfast so I’ll have to run and finish this later.


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