Sleep Deprivation…Torture by a Toddler

In my less rational moments I think that sleep deprivation was a form of torture developed by someone with a house full of kids that slept like mine does. Alex is a charming kiddo when awake but just honestly doesn’t seem to need a ton of sleep. He rarely sleeps through the night, and although we have tried every thing from The Happiest Baby on the Block to our most recent The Night Night Sleep Solution, he just keeps waking up.

At 5 am this morning I wasn’t ready to give in and let him up, so I took him back to bed, tried to get him to lay down and it was working until I fell asleep with my head on his bed and forgot to keep rubbing his back. He woke up and got rather upset that I was sleeping on his bed! 🙂
Luckily Eric and I trade off on each getting a weekend day to sleep in and try to catch up…Today was my day! 🙂

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