Be careful what you wish for! During the last few weeks when Alex was cranky and I was beyond exhausted I was wishing for some good uninterrupted sleep! Major sleep! College style, sleep til noon sleep. And what did God send me? Three days and two nights in Fort Worth, in a lovely hotel, a large bed all to myself for maximum uninterrupted sleep pleasure…and He paid my way with a business trip to work the Fort Worth Home and Garden Show.

I’ve worked lots of these on and off over the last 5 years but never have they moved so slow, been so boring. COME ON! I feel like I’ve logged hours and yet I still have hours to go. The irony is that I’ll probably have so much spare energy that tonight I won’t be able to sleep!

PS. Check out the neat giveaway over at Only Sometimes Clever, my favorite Gluten Free resource.

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