Sunday already?

So yesterday things were so slow while I was working at the home and garden show that I boasted about there being many more posts to come. Hopefully no one sat around hitting refresh in vain! 🙂 Things got so slow I got up and wandered the show visiting with other vendors. My faves at this show are the Vita Mix guy who showed me neat new things to try with my Vita mix and the wierd ionic foot spa people. More to come on these later!

Today is moving a bit faster, but boy am I ready to go home and have a weekend. Too bad I have to wait through another week to do that!

I’ve been pretty worried about Alex lately. He’s a smart kid (what parent doesn’t say this :)), and seems to be picking up on a lot of the chaos going on at his school, my work schedule and dealing with the after-effects of a fairly traumatic surgery. We’ve been in and out of doctor’s offices for a while and I keep asking myself if I’m over-reacting and creating problems where there shouldn’t be any, but my poor little guy just seems different. As soon as I can pinpoint exactly what changed I’ll feel better but right now everything is so nebulous that half the time I think I’m imagining things.

Ok off to get some work done and see what I can manage for lunch…then it’s off to the airport and jetting home to Austin! YEAH.


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