Taking Your Work Home

Telecommuting is a growing benefit that many companies are using to hire great employees and keep those that would have once had to leave the office to move or stay home. This video is a great example of a company that is ahead of the game.


Even better, set me up with one of these babies! I love the idea but am not sure if my two year old wouldn’t view this as a part of his outdoor playset. Check out the latest in the 10 second commute. Office Pods


3 thoughts on “Taking Your Work Home

  1. Bobbie says:

    Love that little office pod- and I love the idea of working from home- but somehow it never materializes exactly how I wished it would. The rae times I do bring work home to do I always think the others who went to work just think I am taking a big day off! Anyway…Enjoyed visiting with you and I will be back! (I am from Lazy Moms)

  2. MMTyler says:

    If I had a backyard as marvelous as that … I would love, love, love it. But I’d bet I’d be looking around thinking … gah, need to pick up the poop. 😉 –Melissa

  3. Shawna Bates says:

    Wow how cool that would be!!! dream…dream..dream….Just poppin by your blog while out doing the blog party!You have lots of neat stuff on here I’ve been thumbing though!!If you get a chance pop on over to my blog and get in on my giveaway!Shawna-Michigan

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