What Really Makes A Good Deal?

I attended a great training today and something the trainer said really hit home. A few months ago Eric and I decided to clear out a bunch of stuff that was taking up room in the garage. When we started taking pictures to list all of this on craigslist we both chuckled at the fact that we had racked up 4 strollers over the last two years for our one child. They all seemed like a good deal at the time and they were all on sale when I purchased them, but like the trainer today said, is something that you got on sale, but wasn’t really what you wanted a good deal? We have four strollers because NONE of them did everything I wanted. The first one was a travel system but didn’t recline flat. The second one reclined but didn’t support a car seat. The third is a jogging stroller that ironically I got a few weeks before Alex decided to boycott all strollers. The fourth is a light little umbrella stroller that Alex pushes around but has never ridden in.

Shortly after having Alex, a friend was shopping for strollers and I just couldn’t believe that she was even considering a stroller that cost at least two and a half times what all four of mine together did…but mine are collecting dust, and hers is constantly in use. I love a good deal as much as the next person, but when it’s time to shop for the next little one, you can betcha that I plan to spend a little more and get a truly better deal!


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