Just Perfect

Parenting is a tricky business. These days I am back and forth between laughing and being frustrated so quickly you can call me Sybil. Alex is a lively two year old who excels at not listening. That’s enough to breed plenty of frustration but right as it gets really bad Alex comes up with something that just cracks me up. My adorable, never difficult, low maintence child is bothered by all types of clothes. T-shirts must be soft, no stitching on the inside and tagless, shorts must fit under his cute little bulging belly, and socks…oh please the socks must never develop little fur balls, strings must never be seen, and there is a tightness factor to the cuffs that I still haven’t figured out how to make work. So each morning we go through several outfits. I have learned to be strategic about this morning routine. I pick the outfit I want him to wear and hide it among the clothes hanging in the closet. Then I pull out something I know won’t fly :), show Alex and watch him melt down and say No Mommy, No that hurts me, that bothers me… At this point he yells to pick out his own clothes so I pick him up and flip through clothes and offer option two that I already know will not fly! 🙂 On to the outfit I want him to wear! Since it’s the magical third option, and when I show it to Alex HE is picking it out, all is well. The downside to my master morning strategy is that it takes time, A LOT OF TIME! As frustrating as this process as is, when he looks up at me after we have the perfect shirt, shorts and socks on with his cute little smile and tells me This one is perfect Mommy, Just Perfect, I can’t help but grin at how cute my little man really is.


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