I’ve been MIA this week while we’ve dealt with a crazy sequence of events. In the last week my sister’s car has been hit twice, once by a drunk driver (thankfully it was parked and no one was injured), a scorpion discovered underneath it when it got towed away (my husband finds it hilarious that I add this to my crazy events of the week, but come on it could have stung me), my son came down with hand, foot and mouth disease, I had surgery, and our house was overrun by nastly little black bugs that I’m constantly waging war on by Windexing the crap out of them. Needless to say, although I could have definitely used an outlet for this crazy week I could never quite find time to post. So I’ll skip the week and pick up with a thought I had yesterday! 🙂

I’ve grown a bit addicted to twitter lately and yesterday it was all abuzz with the growing wave of Recessionistas. Women who are turning to age old ways to save money in tough economic times are now being known by this fashionable moniker. I’ve never been a coupon clipper but even I have begun to wonder how much I could save by spending my time skimming the Sunday paper each week. My two year old is a big boy and eats a lot of food! Yesterday he polished off 4 slices of pizza and asked for more :), so our grocery bill is constantly rising. Even with the best of intentions though I rarely find the time, or should I say make the time, to sit down, clip coupons and still remember to take them to the store. Although I’m sure that works for a lot of people it just doesn’t quite fit with our busy lifestyle, so I was super surprised and happy when my mom let me in on this little trick!

Walmart will honor all competitors ads. No coupons necessary! I just need to take the flyers with me to the store and they will honor the lower prices. My mom spotted a few Red Hatters working this brilliant money saving technique and they told her that although it’s not advertised Walmart has done this for years. I tried it recently at my local Wally World and was happily surprised.

In a time when we are all looking for ways to save I’m always happy to find an easier way to do it!

ETA: Not sure if anyone’s seen this, but GRRR, not happy at the lack of foresight from some people! If you’re enjoying that extra few dollars in each paycheck courtesy of the 2009 stimulus, be sure to check this out and make sure it won’t bite you next year.

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One thought on “Recessionista

  1. Hoosier Homemade says:

    I have taken ads in too. Usually the Target and KMart ads. But, have recently thought I could also do the grocery store ads now that we have a SuperWalmart.Thanks for sharing!~Liz

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