Thinking Thursdays

At least one day a week should be devoted to deep thoughts right? LOL! It was a crazy day at work, as anyone within shouting, distance would know. 🙂 I am working on a training series for June and to kick off the marketing for it I have been labeling about a bazillion postcards to be mailed out. Well closer to 800 but still 800 postcards with a return address label, a mailing label, a stamp, you get the picture. They’re done and I’m extremely happy with them but that kind of work leaves lots of time for thinking.

So this week I’ve thought a lot about where I am in my life. I have a great husband, who does far more than his fare share of the housework and doesn’t even complain when 3 nights out of 5 he comes home to a wife arguing with the pantry for not giving her inspiration. I have a great job that I love to do, and even with the craziness that accompanies it I truly fell blessed to get to work from home and be here for my family. With Eric’s travel schedule its so nice for me to be pretty solid.

I also had to go over to our old house today to meet a contractor work on one of the kitchen appliances (yeah extended warranties, I will mock you no more), and it was like going back to high school after college. The house felt small, and nothing was quite the way I remembered it. The kitchen felt tiny, and it truly brought home how much I really love our home that we are in now.

After the chaos of sickness, drunk drivers, and other daily nuttiness today’s reflections really helped me focus on the positive, the good, the joy.

I know this is a sappy post, but what’s not to love about a happy Momma?

And just for grins, here’s a favorite recent picture of mine! We went to a family member’s baptism over the weekend and boy did my little guy have a blast showing off for anyone and everyone! He sang, he danced, he didn’t crash until the car ride home!


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