The Best Laid Plans

are no match for children and dogs who conspire together to torture parents with sleep deprivation. 🙂 I tried to get ahead of the curve last night and worked late into the night, knowing that Alex was off school today and I would be occupied keeping him busy today and wouldn’t get my usual uninterrupted 8 hours in. Well by the time I was ready to call it a night, Alex began having nightmares about unfinished milk and needed to be consoled…I was cracking up at that point and reassuring him that he could finish his milk in the morning LOL. I came back downstairs to shut my computer down and the dogs started whining and causing a ruckus to go outside. By the time they decided to come back in (30 minutes later) Alex had picked up his crazy part of this tandem act and was back up crying again. This went on until a little after 2 when everyone settled down and I quickly grabbed a little under 4 hours of sleep. Poor Eric brought Alex to me at 6:30 and then tried to take his sick self back to bed but in my sleep deprivation cattiness I threw a fit that he thought he deserved more sleep since his 9 hours and a day of dozing gave my 4 hour sleep deprived self no sympathy. Cattiness ensued and by the time I finished making the tiny tyrant breakfast he had arrived downstairs to crash on the couch and keep an eye on things while I sit here and work to be both awake and coherent.

Here’s hoping you all had more sleep than I did!

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