In Memory

Isn’t ironic how hard fate works to keep us humble? I’ve been so geared up for vacation, some mental break time, and some good time spent without distractions with my family. We headed off to visit my dad and two days into our 10 day vacation we got a phone call that my grandfather had passed away. Although several family members told me to stay and enjoy our vacation, it only took a few minutes running through a 10-10-10 analysis (an awesome new book by Suzy Welch) to realize that flying home was the very best decision for me. So Eric rearranged our travel plans and today we head off for my hometown to bid my grandfather a final goodbye.

I’m not usually very good with dealing with death, but surprisingly my two year old put it in the best possible perspective for me. When told that Papaw was gone he said, “then he’s not sick anymore?” and in just a few little words helped me to let go of the sadness that was hanging over me. We’re heading home to celebrate a wonderful man’s life and I’m determined to remember the grandfather of my childhood who teased and made me laugh rather than the shadow he became as a lifetime of smoking took its toll.

Papaw, you will be missed, but always remembered.

We love you always!

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