Congratulations Jeremy and Michelle!

We spent the weekend out in West Texas celebrating the wedding of Jeremy, my husband’s cousin, and Michelle, Jeremy’s new bride. I LOVE weddings. This one was beautiful and touching in a way that not all weddings are anymore. This wedding reminded me days gone by when a wedding was a promise, a celebration of life-long vows and joining of two families. Today many weddings are productions (I should know mine was one! :)) that can drive any sane female not obsessed with planning into depression before the big event. For one day of perfection, many of us spend a year or more planning, preparing, negotiating, and working towards finding the right caterer, DJ, baker, florist, decorations, you name it. Sometimes it’s just wonderful to see something different. Like I said I LOVE weddings and big or small they all celebrate that special moment for two people joining together, but after this weekend I have to admit there was something incredibly sweet and touching about a wedding that obviously centered around family and friends. They were surrounded by family in church, celebrated the traditional milestones in the church reception hall, and were the guests of honor at a beautiful backyard BBQ…sounds great doesn’t it! To Jeremy and Michelle, I wish you guys all the best that life can offer for health, wealth and happiness. Keep yesterday’s joy with you forever, we are so very happy for you!

Oh and I had a little fun playing with the camera! 🙂 Here are some shots of my favorite little tyrant from that weekend too! 🙂

My little rule abider…raising his hand for cake! LOL

Helping to unwrap the bride and groom’s cars.

Having fun at the reception.

I think he went through 10 bubble tubes before anyone left! 🙂

Couldn’t keep his hands off the decorations!

Opening presents with the bride and groom.


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