Time Flies

My birthday is coming up soon and it’s causing me to ponder… 🙂

I’ve never been to upset about getting older. Let’s face it we all want to rush to those first big milestones, 16 so we can drive, 21 so we can drink, and then reality hits. Work, responsibility, getting dinner on the table, you know what I’m talking about. Nope getting older isn’t bothering me, it’s that weird sensation that time has gone so fast I’ve missed something. Cliche as it sounds, it feels like yesterday that I got married, and only a short while ago that we had Alex.  Today I looked at him while we were waiting at the doctor’s office, really looked at him (he was quietly pretending to read a book so I grabbed the 30 precious quiet seconds :)) and saw a little boy. Not a baby, not a toddler, but a little boy like the ones you look at in the store and think “they’re old enough to know better.”  There have been so many warning signs lately that I should have seen this coming. He’s refused to hold my hand recently on the way into school, “It’s not the parking lot Mom…,” He can full dress himself head to toe (who cares if his underwear are on inside out, he’s darn proud), and most telling of all he asked us to cut the strings off Puppy. 

A little background on puppy :).

Here’s what Puppy looked like when DeeDee and Dad gave him to us at our baby shower.

And here is a “before and after” 3 years as a constant companion to Alex shot :).

From the time Alex became attached to puppy, the strings that should have been used to tie him to the crib were held in or near his ear as he went to sleep, any time he was scared and finally just out of habit. I caught him putting them near his mouth one to many times and threatened to cut them off which resulted in a major tantrum.  So imagine my surprise last Thursday when he calmly came and repeatedly asked us to cut the strings off Puppy.

Fair warning for later in life I guess…if I don’t cut the apron strings my son will do it for me!


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