Goodbye 2009

Phineas FlynnImage via Wikipedia

2009 was a FANTASTIC year for us. Alex is growing by leaps and bounds and never fails to amaze me with his questions, insights and imagination. He loves Phineas and Ferb, a cartoon funny enough to entertain Eric and I too, and of course Cars, the movie. He’s constantly quoting his favorite characters and starting to make up his own songs. All in all a joy to be around…now if only we could FINALLY teach him to sleep!

Eric and I are still plugging away. We’ve installed new doors, upgraded a few appliances and generally just kept pace this year. I hope 2010 will be the year for us to get some gorgeous landscaping done, finally paint the guest room and get some finishing touches done on our decor.

Our Hoppin Johns are in the crockpot and we look forward to the luck they’ll bring in 2010. Eric’s a stick in the mud and refuses to “have” a new year’s resolution, but I’m determined that we’ll do more as a couple.

From our family to yours we hope 2010 brings health, wealth and happiness and sees you surrounded by family and friends.


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