Catching Up

So it’s been a crazy whirlwind for weeks and I have sorely neglected my blog and journaling. 😦 I have about 10 minutes before we have to dash off to my 25 week appointment so let’s see what all I can catch up on.

Baby Watch: For those that haven’t heard (so sorry Nicole, I forget sometimes the whole world isn’t on Facebook) we’re having a Girl! Her name will be Olivia Faith and my sister has already nicknamed her Little Liv which seems to be sticking. 🙂 Alex is so cute about the baby and is asking the funniest questions like how the baby will get here, if she can see him and why she kicks me. I would have loved to have kids closer in age but I wouldn’t trade these precious moments for anything. 🙂

Gluten Free: In an effort to streamline our grocery shopping and make cooking easier 🙂 I’ve decided to try gluten free with Eric. So far so good although I have to admit I’m not above a cheat day for a really good Chocolate cake.

Speaking of chocolate cake, check this baby out! I had a blast recently at two cousins baby showers and had fun making all kinds of cakes, decorations, favors, etc. Probably my favorite piece of the bunch was the bumblebee chocolate cake I made for my new Cuz in law’s shower! 🙂

There’s lots more to come, the gorgeous corsages my sister made for the shower (Love having a floral designer in the family!), crazy telecommuting work stuff and updates on my tyrant toddler but my ten minutes are up and we’re out the door! 🙂


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