Happy Mother’s Day and Austin Sweet Songs Benefit

Mothers Day Gift.Image by pixiepic’s via Flickr

This weekend is Mother’s day and I can’t wait. Not only will I get to spend it with my son, my husband and extended family, I’ll get to spend it surrounded by Moms and their families! I’m helping out at the Austin Sweet Song’s CD release benefit party and the event has grown quite close to my heart! Not only is this great group of signer songwriters producing great children’s music, but all proceeds are going to benefit the Austin Mother’s Milk Bank. With several friends who are parents of early preemies, I know the important job the milk bank does and am very proud to do my part in helping their group out.

Earlier today I overheard a discussion at a coffee shop I frequent. The theme seemed to be what the ladies wanted in gift form for Mother’s day. Although presents are always nice, I’ve never associated Mother’s day with a major shopping holiday, mostly because gifts from the heart rarely seem found in stores. Shortly after the “what I want” discussion, a few friends of mine arrived and my confidence was restored as one of the ladies in my group pulled out a letter written by her son on plain, lined school notebook paper. The three short lines were simple and to the point…Thank You Mom…I loved it…It meant so much to me…Love your son. She teared up just reading it to us, then carefully folded it back up and put it away to read another day.

So all the flower shop ads and cell phone commercials aside, be sure to take a few minutes this weekend and recognize the mother’s in your life with more than just a token gesture. A few thoughtful words, recognition of the round the clock job motherhood really is…it goes a long way to warming our hearts!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies in my life! I salute you and know that no other job can be as hard or as rewarding!


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