Adventures in Telecomuting …Day 2

So yesterday was the first day my son was out of school and home with me. He’s on summer vacation, ready for the pool, playtime and never ending fun, and I’ve got work to do! I’ve adjusted my hours, am working hard and fast and spending time in the evenings plotting out things to keep him busy. It’s just to bad his attention span is so short.

I have to admit though, so far so good! I’m able to work a steady 7-3 with minimal interruptions that I like to think of as “Smoke Breaks” since I don’t smoke by my old office mates do. I know they take those every few hours so I don’t beat myself up about mine!

With 29 days to go before Liv’s due date, my maternity leave and a whole summer of fun with two kiddos before me I’m working to clear the decks and it is taking organization like I’ve never had to have before!

Shout if you have any suggestions for self-entertaining, not wrecking the house kind of activities for little ones! I’m looking for anything I can get my hands on!


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