Snow cones, Contractions & and Gifts

What a weekend!

I can’t remember the last time we had a truly lazy, do what you want, nothing HAS to get done, spur of the moment weekend. I’ll have to schedule more of these for sure! I had funny moments, fantastic last minute one on one activities with Alex and best of all a few quiet solo minutes to enjoy being pregnant and feeling the baby squirm. Since we’re only 17 days out the kicks and hiccups are limited and it was lovely to slow down and enjoy everything.

Alex and I hit up a local snow cone stand! I’ve been craving snow cones for oh, 9 months now, but unlike where I grew up there aren’t stands on every corner. I finally spent some time on Yelp, found the one snow cone stand within 20 miles of my house and Alex and I loaded up and hit the road. They were delicious and we’ll be headed back soon!

A funny moment when I saw Princess and the Frog! LOL Around my house that’s not a movie it’s a random moment caught with a blurry camera.

Also on the schedule this last week, Alex started swim lessons. Other than one meltdown on a bad day, Alex has really enjoyed his lessons and is rapidly learning how to swim like a fishy!

We’re 17 days out from July 1st, Baby’s anticipated arrival date and the closer we get the more ready I am! The contractions have started, random, but enough to be the first warning signs that A Baby Is Coming SOON!!!! Bags are packed and waiting by the door, her bed is ready, and I know family and friends are just as ready we are to meet and greet our little Princess. I can’t wait!


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