Quick Blog Update and then back to my lazy Sunday

Life is flying by so quickly recently I feel like someone in a movie who’s standing still while everyone moves in fast forward around them. Livi is growing up so quickly, Alex is a self-proclaimed genius who never sits still and the daily grind just never lets up.

We’re sitting around today doing our taxes in our jammies (don’t knock it…it takes me a bit of motivation to get around to taxes… a jammy day and a mocha latte are significant motivation in my book). I use Turbo Tax and while I’m waiting on hubby to supply the numbers I’ve requested I decided to flip over and update my very neglected blog. Sorry blog, there are just not enough hours in the day for everything calling my name recently.

Soccer season has started and I’m happy to say Tryant #1 is enjoying his time on the field and I’m highly enjoying the hard core serious soccer playing that gets interrupted every 5 minutes by one of the boys bringing us flowers, or pointing out a plane or just dancing in circles instead of watching the ball. It’s hilarious! Tyrant #2 quite enjoys watching the chaos and I truly appreciate the 2 hours a week when I’m forced to sit outside and do nothing. Ahhh

I have so many plans and such limited implementation time! Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on free business resources, great ideas for work at home mommies to stay organized and productive and some great stress relievers like online journals.


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