Hello world!

I’ve moved on over to a new neck of the cyber woods.  Traveling the Tightrope is getting a facelift but you can still expect the same down to earth, slight sarcastic, in the moment posts about a working mom juggling a bit too much working from home.  If you’re new to following me, here’s the 411 in a nutshell!

I love my kids and life as a work from home mom of two, but relish the evenings I escape for a glass of wine and some downtime.

I love my crazy husband and frequently wish we had a few more date nights a bit less budget based discussions.

I love my work even when it has me quoting office space and throwing red staplers at paper jamming copy machines.

I have faith that God has a plan for me and all this chaos is his brand of training me for the parenting fun down the road.

I spend my free time playing on Stumble Upon which brings me no end of joy but has taught me that I have an OCD tendency to count down my stumbles rather than just stop cold turkey. I also love to read and my tastes are wildly eclectic. My iPad and all its various applications is one of my new obsessions and using twitter to solve customer service dilemmas. Contractors have a tendency to drive me batty since it seems like we always have one around for one reason or another and I prefer to vent in cyberspace and preserve my good girl southern charm persona in real life.

Welcome to my world, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a few good laughs that should send you back to reality appreciating your life a little more!


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