Organization is Key for Telecommuting Success

Some days I work from the couch, some from the kitchen table, but my most productive days are spent at the desk. The problem is I have a small kitchen work desk and a small roll top desk upstairs near my daughters toys, but neither provides the space I sometimes miss from my days in the office.

So in the interests of my sanity and productivity I’ve begun to plan an office that will meet my needs and help hide some of my inevitable paper piles from view!

Right now my dining room is an underused hodgepodge of furniture pieces I’ve collected over the years. It’s home to the family piano, a china cabinet and table I got shortly after college, a curio cabinet that I will never again try to move upstairs (can you say solid wood!!). There’s also a lovely buffet piece tucked away in the corner. Everything is well used and packed to the gills but the room itself feels cluttered, and is seldom used as anything more than a catchall or holiday overflow.

I’ve been trying to work with Ikea’s room planner for a few months now to figure out what I wanted to do with the space and try to visualize how to make storage, functionality and design all components of any improvement we made but I found their system to be a little less than user friendly. Then a week ago I literally “Stumbled Upon” a great site (free as most of my favorite tools are) called Room Sketcher. Room Sketcher allowed me to create the design I was shooting for in under an hour. It also gave me the final push to really start pulling together details and costs for this next project!

So coming soon, will be my very own before and after HGTV style redesign!


Planned After:


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