Two finger typing…obsolete or making a comeback

My son amazes me. He just walked up with my iPad and asked me why I couldn’t download Angry Birds. Told me I should, pulled up the App Store, went to Angry Birds and asked if he could get it  and for my password.  What on earth will these kids be doing when they’re older if they are so computer literate already. Sometimes it feels like computers have been around forever and I have to stop and remember that I practiced typing in elementary school on a little red keyboard with a single line display. In seventh grade I learned to run basic commands by making a turtle spin in circles on a black screen. In high school I took typing to learn how to quickly type since computers were everywhere and you needed to be able to use more than two fingers.  In college cell phones began to be more than a phone and by shortly after that it was back to two finger typing to send text messages off the dial pad.   A short ten years later and my five year old can navigate both my smart phone and my iPad better than many adults.  Do they even teach handwriting anymore? I hate to date myself but boy things have changed.  With touch screen tablet devices popping up everwhere from schools to work and running everything from movies to small businesses will there be anyone left who remembers how to write a thank you note instead of sending an e-card?

Regardless my son’s comment this morning made me smile and I am constantly in awe of how quickly the learning curve of a new device is overcome by the younger members of my family.  Maybe Orson Scott Card had something when he wrote Ender…


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