Birthday Bums

So after Tyrant A’s first day at his new school, which went amazing by the way, I hoped that Tyrant O had food posioning. Now don’t get me wrong, I would never wish that on anyone but at least if it was something bad that she ate then it would be short lived and not contagious. However fate decreed otherwise. It was a bug and over the last week it has run rampant through our house. Today, 8 days later and the Tyrants and I have both been taken down and are in recovery mode.

I’ve made some homemade bread, some fabulous homemade chicken soup and homemade chicken nuggets and I’ve been dreaming of my missed birthday cake all week.

Now my family was all down and out with me on Sunday night…all except Eric who managed to escape the madness somehow. I wasn’t sick yet but had to grab a picture of my replacement birthday festivities. Who needs an adult party downtown when you can live it up with this crew!


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