Me, Myself and I

I’m planning to join Tera Warner’s Body Enlightenment Program and she’s asking us to list 10 things we love about ourselves each day for 30 days.  I thought it would be great to journal what those were for me since it’s a great reminder on the not so smooth days!

Day 1:

1. I love that I’m a mother. It makes me smile and brings me joy even in the incredibly tough times.
2. I love that God gave me brains and the sense to use them. I am good at my job and that helps my confidence when it’s down.
3. I love my hair. It’s curly, wacky and uncontrollable, but it leaves no doubt that I’m me!
4. I love my husband for being supportive when I need it most but not hesitating to push me to pursue what I want
5. I love that I am ok with my parenting style even when no one else is
6. I love that I know that i will always stand up defend my family and friends regardless of who it is to or what the situation is about
7. I love that my five year old tells it how it is and doesn’t think twice about it.
8. I love that I am trying to change my life to benefit my family but not because of my family! This is all for me
9. I love my facebook friends can put a smile on my face with Pinterest words of wisdom and I can let that elevate my mood and make my day.
10. I love that my one attempt at raw food led me here and that this is looking like my light at the end of the tunnel.


Day 2:
1. I love that I fought to work from home and now even on the craziest days I get to enjoy my children and not miss their milestones.
2. I love that my family loves and encourages me, never asking me to be anyone but myself.
3. I love that I buy every diet book and magazine known to man and my husband never throws their lack of results back in my face.
4. I love that I have enough confindence in myself to stand up the nutrionist that asuumed I wasnm’t following her plan when we didn’t see results.
5. I love that my smile can bring a smile to the face of those I love on the roughest days.
6. I love that I’m a cheese romantic and that chick flicks can change my mood and inspire me.
7. I love that I have a network of friends who focus on the positive and bring me up just by being who they are.
8 I love that facebook has a block button and I’m not afraid to use it to erase the negativity that some people spout every day.
9. I love that I can enjoy a sugar free, fat free beverage and love it because I’m hanging out with someone who lifts my spirits more than food ever would.
10. I love that today’s list of 10 came fast and easy because focusing on the positive brings nothing better moods and smiles for me.


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