Statistics Suck

So I just finished comforting my 17 month old baby back to sleep from yet another night terror and it got me thinking how our family got a raw deal when it comes to statistics.  Generally statistics are used to comfort people and show them how unlikely whatever big, bad, ugly thing is to occur to them.  Well here’s a few not so comforting stats…

  • 3-6 percent of children get night terrors (both of mine have them)
  • According to the experts at the Allergic Child website, 2 to 3 percent of children under the age of three years are allergic to the protein in cow’s milk just like Livi
  • 4 percent of adults have a food allergy …my husband has three, gluten, corn and egg
  • 10 percent of people are allergic to penicillin..Alex being one of those
I’m not throwing a pity party here, just had to go on record that watching my baby girl flail around in hysterics that not even Mom or Dad’s arms can help sucks and the statistics don’t make me feel better.

2 thoughts on “Statistics Suck

    • telecommutingtyrant says:

      I’m sorry that you and your family deal with it too. Most days it’s just a part of who we are, but there are times when unexpected events come up, or other people offer things I have to say no to that it gets a bit frustrating. Right now one of our biggest issues is when the baby wants what the big kid has. Most of the time it’s covered in cheese and boy does that not go over well! 🙂

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