Exhaustion, Fatigue, Sleep Deprived…

There at some words that don’t do a feeling justice. My daughter has night terrors…every night. However due to the crazy OCD genes she inherited from her father she is rather prompt about it, and I can usually count on the shrieking beginning  at either 10, 12, or 2. It has only been a month of regular episodes, but I have already forgotten what being rested feels like. Even coffee is not doing the trick, and being smack in the middle of an HCG round isn’t helping either. Well its not helping my exhaustion, but it is doing super sweet things to my waistline!

Night terrors are truly evil from my point of view since it’s not something I can make better. The tiny tyrant isn’t coherent and not only isn’t aware of me, but trying to hold or comfort her just escalates things, so I’m left sitting by watching a heart wrenching, ear splitting fit where the best I can do is try to stop her from hurting herself. It is truly awful to withhold comfort whether it helps or not.  So each night we pray for peaceful sleep, tuck the kids in bed and wait…


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