Crafty Goodness

At the end of the day, when the dust has settled, the house is quiet and I have a beverage of choice in hand, my mind generally turns to some crafty project or other that I have been contemplating. Tonight is no exception, but I thought long and hard about starting anything after the crazy day I had.

Most days I roll with the chaos. I think any parent worth their cheerios knows schedules are pipe dreams and that once the alarm buzzes anything goes. Today the alarm didn’t buzz, kids wore the wrong clothes to the school with a uniform policy, other kids made it out of the house shoeless prompting a quick walmart run, I spent a gazillion dollars in tolls before 8am and went home twice before I got everyone dropped off. Of course after a morning like that I should have been rewarded with a random email from my boss telling me I’m so great I should take the day off, hit the spa and come back refreshed tomorrow, but instead the phone rang. As I was walking out of my Doctors appointment I got a call that my baby had spiked a fever and was being booted from daycare for 24 hours or more. And off we go again.  I won’t beat a dead horse…the whole day went like that, you get the point.

Suffice it to say that by the time we left the pediatricians and waited through the carpool line, I was determined to rescue this day with something fun. So we hit Michaels and Hobby Lobby, grabbed some spray paint specially made for plastics (which happend to be on clearance…cha ching!) and headed home.  That was at 4pm. I didn’t get the house settled down and get ready to paint until 9, but who’s counting.

So project pictures coming tomorrow, but let me just say I’m taking the Fisher Price Little Tykes car to a whole new place for my little girl. I always feel bad when she gets a tired, faded hand me down that her big brother has outgrown. I don’t want to be wasteful and really hate having two of something so spray paint and a crafty momma to the rescue.

I was inspired by a mini cooper and an awesome robin’s egg blue color! Come back tomorrow, you won’t want to miss this transformation.

My inspiration!



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