Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Party

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to host a House Party.  In exchange for some social media and word of mouth reviews Duncan Hines sent over a fabulous party pack for me to try out…and boy did I have fun!  They sent Coupons for free cake mixes, Frosting creation flavor packets and a case of Frosting starters. There was also an apron and some great free frosting coupons for my guests.  What was a a girl to do but throw a party!

Today I am celebrating my seventh anniversary to an amazing man. There are a lot of guys out there that are born ready to take on a family and all the responsibility that comes with them, but the guy I married impressed me even more. He has risen to every challenge our tiny tyrants throw at him and at the back of it all is a solid wall of love for all of us. We are blessed to have him in our lives.  Oh, but I digress, you’re here for cake right?

So on the same weekend we had our Anniversary right around the corner and my grandmother’s 79th birthday, not to mention I was finally wrapping up some major redecorating throughout our house.  So I sent out some invitations and invited family over for a good time.  To keep things fun, low key and let me enjoy the party I cooked up 4 dozen  mini cupcakes in three different flavors (Chocolate Decadence, French Vanilla and Lemon).  Lemon was dairy free and my tiniest tyrant really enjoyed getting to participate in the party.  I left everything unfrosted and set out a buffet of cupcake goodness!  I also wanted something a little showy in the center so a tiny two tier cake was my nod to the big events of the day.  The top layer was French Vanilla and the bottom Chocolate decadence and the entire thing was frosted with my favorite Frosting Creation flavor-Cherry Vanilla.  Boy was it a hit!  

To keep the party rolling and ensure I wasn’t left with dozens of cupcakes I dug out my trusty lazy susan condiment server and let the party guest choose what flavors we were starting out with.  We filled each serving bowl with a sample of Chocolate Marshmallow, Orange Creme, Cotton Candy, White Chocolate Raspberry, Cherry Vanilla and Chocolate Almond. I added spoons and everyone jumped in to frost their cupcakes.   It was a great party and knowing that there was great food helped me relax and enjoy the fun.  
I give Frosting Creations by Duncan Hines two thumbs up! 


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