Balance is hard for an overcommitting Telecommuter

I’ve been struggling a lot with working, traveling and parenting. This year my oldest started kinder and I added volunteering to my plate. Although multitasking seems second nature most of the time, the last few weeks have seen me have not one, not two but several mini meltdowns as I tried to deal with all life was throwing us simultaenously.   Even though my husband doesn’t read my blog I’m giving him a shout out on record for stepping up and jumping in wherever I needed him. 

Sometimes I wonder if I would try to balance as much if I worked in the office. Something about working from home and being instantly able to shift from Working Woman to Multitasking Mom on a moments notice makes me more inclined to commit to after school activities and planning lunches. Two years ago when all my work was local that might have worked but now when you throw travel into the mix, I seem to be spending more time planning how the day can run smoothly than actually doing anything. 

Some of this I seem to bring on myself…I need to work on that! 🙂 My son’s kinder class is representing Norway in an upcoming International Fest and instead of coloring a few flags and ordering a DVD to show I decided that our class would concentrate on Norway’s viking history. 

We have a viking ship that is 10 feet long and 5 feet tall, a 4 foot tall viking cutout, a forest on the walls, a fishing station and some viking food to sample. Those have taken some time to pull together! For the record I’m not the only crazy mom, the class next store has a 7 foot tall castle you can walk in! 🙂

I need a clone and since that’s not possible 🙂 I need to practice what I preach and get back to the basics of work life balance. There are 24 hours in a day, 8 go to sleep, 8 go to work, by the time I pack lunches, make dinner, do house hold chores, factor in travel time for pick ups and drop offs, there are really not that many hours left.  It’s time to make them count instead of counting them down!



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