Works for Me Wednesdays-Meal Planning

What works for me and makes life easier along the way? There are a lot of tools I use to make my life run a little smoother, but very close to the top of the list is the Menu Planning service I use. Now I have enough cookbooks to build Alex a fort, but I run short on the time it takes to pull good reciepes and shopping lists together.

A few years ago I stumbled across FlyLady and her reccomended menu planning service Saving Dinner. I was in alpha organizing mode and Fly Lady is a great site for decluttering and setting some great cleaning routines. I digress :). I loved getting an email each week that had already compiled yummy, healthy meals, and used the service until my 6 month subscription ran out.

Unfortunately it was at this point that my crazy do it yourselfness got the best of me. I didn’t renew my subscriptions, since I was so sure I could manage the time to do it on my own. And for the next several months our family was blessed with a stressed out mommy who was trying to throw together a healthy meal. Several months later I found By now I had come back around to the idea of paying less than $5 a month to have someone else do all the dirty work (and e-mealz even gave me an estimated price for the weeks groceries). I subscribed and we were back on track…until Eric had to cut gluten from his diet. Luckily about this time I had become obsessed with twitter and a fellow gluten free twitterette 🙂 mentioned that Saving Dinner now has a gluten free option with thier menus.

I subscribed that day and haven’t looked back since. It’s so nice to print a weeks worth of menus, take a premade grocery list and run to the store on Saturday afternoon. As much as I love cooking, the prep work is not my forte. I would much rather be taking Alex to the park, or working in the garden then combing reciepes for ingredients to build a shopping list. So if any of you find yourself doing the glazed over pantry staredown hoping that inspiration for dinner is going to jump out at you, take a few minutes and check out Saving Dinner.
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My Crazy Life

OK so maybe others lives are like mine but something tells me that most of you didn’t have a crazy two year old sitting on your shoulders this morning stroking your face with his feet. Every time I screamed about the total gross factor in having anyone’s feet that close to my face he laughed like a tiny narcissist and kept on. I finally booted him to the floor, let him veg on Handy Manny while I finished my yummy first cup of coffee and finished my latest Jen Lancaster book. Now I’m printing my gardening plan (thank you for FABULOUS pre-made plans) and it’s off to the community gardening center to plant this year’s organic veggie garden.


Alex loves to eat…anything and everything, as long as it can be chewed and swallowed.  I’m definitely not complaining since I know there are tons of parents out there that wish their children weren’t so picky, but Alex’s obsession with food and string cheese specifically led to a funny moment the other day that I am sure we will bring up anytime he needs to be humbled in his teenage years.

SPOILER WARNING: This story contains feminine references that might make the male species squirm…so read no farther if you can’t handle comments about “that time of the month.”

So it’s that time of the month that makes every woman so happy she’s female (yes sarcasm :)) and Alex spotted me heading to the restroom with a tampon.  Normally he just waves bye bye as I pass but today his eye was caught by CHEESE.  As I passed him he spotted the tampon and it’s similar size and shape to his favorite string cheese snack, and as I’m sure you see coming, he began yelling CHEESE, Me Want CHEESE at the top of his lungs. I laughed off and on for the rest of the day!