How Do I Love My Tiny Tyrants

It’s funny, one of my daughters favorite books right now is How Do I Love You, Let Me Count the Ways by Marion Dane Bauer. What is funny is in my world instead of

How do I love you
Let me count the ways
I love you as the sun
loves the bright blue days
I love you as the bee
loves a fragrant flower
I love you as the thirsty duck 
loves a sudden shower

in my world it reads more like

How do I love you
Let me count the ways
I fight traffic for you
each and every day
I skip breakfast
I eat on the run
I get up at 5:30
Just to get my work done
I clean up toys
morning, noon and night
I even try not to complain
about the lack of sleep at night.
How do I love you
let me count the ways
There are more and more
each and every day.

Unconditional Love

To all my parent friends! I read this yesterday and loved it and decided to share! Our kids grow up so fast these days we rarely just let them be kids. A general lack of sleep, the frustration of selling a house, having a new baby on the way…our house is filled with a whirlwind of mixed emotions. This hit me at just the right time to remind me how precious these childhood days are and how truly fast they fly by.

Please, Mom and Dad…
My hands are small. I don’t mean to spill my milk,
My legs are short—please slow down so I can keep up.
Don’t slap my hand when I touch something bright and pretty. I don’t understand.
Please look at me when I talk to you. It lets me know you are really listening.
My feelings are tender–don’t nag me all day. Let me make mistakes without feeling stupid.
Don’t expect the bed I make or the picture I draw to be perfect. Just love me for trying.
Remember, I am a child, not a small adult. Sometimes I don’t understand what you are saying.
I love you so much. Please love me just for being myself, not just for the things I can do.
Author Unknown

Snow cones, Contractions & and Gifts

What a weekend!

I can’t remember the last time we had a truly lazy, do what you want, nothing HAS to get done, spur of the moment weekend. I’ll have to schedule more of these for sure! I had funny moments, fantastic last minute one on one activities with Alex and best of all a few quiet solo minutes to enjoy being pregnant and feeling the baby squirm. Since we’re only 17 days out the kicks and hiccups are limited and it was lovely to slow down and enjoy everything.

Alex and I hit up a local snow cone stand! I’ve been craving snow cones for oh, 9 months now, but unlike where I grew up there aren’t stands on every corner. I finally spent some time on Yelp, found the one snow cone stand within 20 miles of my house and Alex and I loaded up and hit the road. They were delicious and we’ll be headed back soon!

A funny moment when I saw Princess and the Frog! LOL Around my house that’s not a movie it’s a random moment caught with a blurry camera.

Also on the schedule this last week, Alex started swim lessons. Other than one meltdown on a bad day, Alex has really enjoyed his lessons and is rapidly learning how to swim like a fishy!

We’re 17 days out from July 1st, Baby’s anticipated arrival date and the closer we get the more ready I am! The contractions have started, random, but enough to be the first warning signs that A Baby Is Coming SOON!!!! Bags are packed and waiting by the door, her bed is ready, and I know family and friends are just as ready we are to meet and greet our little Princess. I can’t wait!

Pregnancy Brain Strikes…

Ok we all do stupid things at times…when pregnant with Alex I put the milk in the pantry and my cell phone in the fridge, and blamed pregnancy for my absentmindedness. Thank goodness Eric wasn’t far behind me and fixed everything :). So far this pregnancy I have yet to do anything truly blog worthy until today.

I met our Realtor, the wonderful Kristin Castillo, at the house for sale for a quick meeting, to snap a few updated pictures of all the new features and to put out two air fresheners. Sounds easy right…well it should have been.

Instead after we had dropped all our stuff off in the kitchen, I assembled the air freshener (one of those nifty new ones that sprays every half hour or so) and walked out to the garage to set it up. As I walked through the door I jiggled the handle and it felt locked, so I flipped the lock, to make sure we could get back in and then shut the door and set up the air freshner…surely you see where this is going. Instead of unlocking the door, I locked it.

So we opened the garage and walked to the front door which Kristin had left unlocked when she went in like all good Realtors do. Well I’m so well trained to lock doors behind me that I had locked that one as I followed her in. So now we’re standing outside the house with no purses, no cell phones, no house keys trying to figure out what to do. Luckily she had her car keys and with the gas light on empty in her car we drove to our current house which is luckily close by. We could have driven to my inlaws to get a key but with no wallets there was no way to get enough gas for the car to leave the neighborhood. Even I realized that stranded by the side of the road was worse that stranded at a house with air conditioning.

Once at our current house (thank goodness the garage door panel let me in) I dialed the only number I know by heart anymore, my husbands (since all other numbers are handily stored in my cellphone which was inaccessible) and asked him to help me out. He made a few calls to my Father in law, which went to voice-mail (he has the only other key) and finally with time running short to pick Alex up from school, Eric had to leave work to come home and let me into the house.

I do believe this tops the phone in the fridge and milk in the pantry…

Life Happens

Ever wonder where the time goes? It has been chaos central around here.

We are currently dealing with:

  • The ongoing drama of a Tyrant Toddler (I’m waiting for a publisher to offer me a life of easy with a huge advance to chronicle my journey trying to parent this crazy tyrant :))
  • The exhaustion that hasn’t quite gone away this whole pregnancy
  • The morning sickness that made an uninvited return after only a month on vacation
  • The daily drama of meal planning and keeping our household running…why oh why does that take so much work???
  • Scheduling showings and keeping our other house ready for a buyer to swoop in any minute and take it off our hands

Add that to a full time job, a husband that travels and the general day to day stuff that comes out of nowhere and time just flies right by.

I can hardly believe that we’re already 6 and a half months along with baby number 2. We can’t wait to meet our baby girl and I’m so glad I can take a few solid months off to spend some time with her and Alex. These moments are so precious and they fly by so quickly!

It’s a gorgeous day outside and Alex is “helping” aka telling Eric how to clean out the garage. I’ve had more laughs from him lately. We are really clear on the kind of language he should use and “Oh my God” is not something you hear in our household. Alex, however, doesn’t hesitate to correct anyone who crosses his path if he hears those forbidden words. Add that to some gender confusion over boys with long hair, his general “by the book” attitude towards all rules and my kiddo is kind at heart but bossy to the core. It’s going to be an interesting few years ahead.

Now off to figure out something yummy to make with Beef Cubed Steaks and then some fun in the sun…Thank you very much Daylight Savings Time!! 🙂

Guess Baby Synatschk’s Gender

So this time around Eric’s talked me into finding out what we’re having.  And there’s not much longer to wait! 🙂 Next Friday, the 19th we’ll find out the gender.  A few family members are coming over for the big announcement and everyone else can tune in right here on my blog for a live announcement at 8pm.

For now, what’s your best guess? VoteGuess Baby Synatschk’s Gender

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The USDA is on my list!

USDA Organic SealImage by edlabdesigner via Flickr

I woke up in an off mood today. I had to deal with my Grandfather’s wake yesterday afternoon, a late evening phone call from my mother reassuring me everyone was okay in case I caught the news (there was a shooting at the funeral home I had left just a few hours earlier), and then I came out of a dead sleep to my husband yelling at my toddler for daring to be chipper before the sun had fully risen. All told, not a set of circumstances that would help anyone be in a good mood. I got my son out of the room, hoping my husband would catch a bit more sleep and wake up in a better frame of mind. Fast forward a bit and I hear “Ohh Traci this is going to make you mad,” …never a good sign.

Turns out MSN ran this article today,, and like any husband who knows his wife Eric instantly spotted that it was sure to set me off.

When I first started college I was premed. Shortly into that first semester I realized that my future was looking a little more green then red and I happily began following a course load that should pave my way into environmental lobbying. My family viewed it as eccentric but even at that point I knew there was something wrong with how we grow, process and store our food. With the rise in illnesses, cancer, and problems like diabetes becoming a household word, we are looking to medication to band-aid the problem instead of our lifestyle to solve it.

Although I wanted to pursue a career in lobbying my moral fiber would never let me work on an agenda that could harm. I find it irresponsible and ethically detrimental to society for high ranking US officials to knowingly discuss selectively banning known neurotoxins. As a firm believer in the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” I find it very disheartening that our government would seek to undermine their own label in the interests of big business. Many consumers, including myself, use that label to guide purchases that are better for our family. I for one will be very careful moving forward trusting a label that can so obviously be bought.

Ms. Robinson, I say shame on you!

Thinking Thursdays

At least one day a week should be devoted to deep thoughts right? LOL! It was a crazy day at work, as anyone within shouting, distance would know. 🙂 I am working on a training series for June and to kick off the marketing for it I have been labeling about a bazillion postcards to be mailed out. Well closer to 800 but still 800 postcards with a return address label, a mailing label, a stamp, you get the picture. They’re done and I’m extremely happy with them but that kind of work leaves lots of time for thinking.

So this week I’ve thought a lot about where I am in my life. I have a great husband, who does far more than his fare share of the housework and doesn’t even complain when 3 nights out of 5 he comes home to a wife arguing with the pantry for not giving her inspiration. I have a great job that I love to do, and even with the craziness that accompanies it I truly fell blessed to get to work from home and be here for my family. With Eric’s travel schedule its so nice for me to be pretty solid.

I also had to go over to our old house today to meet a contractor work on one of the kitchen appliances (yeah extended warranties, I will mock you no more), and it was like going back to high school after college. The house felt small, and nothing was quite the way I remembered it. The kitchen felt tiny, and it truly brought home how much I really love our home that we are in now.

After the chaos of sickness, drunk drivers, and other daily nuttiness today’s reflections really helped me focus on the positive, the good, the joy.

I know this is a sappy post, but what’s not to love about a happy Momma?

And just for grins, here’s a favorite recent picture of mine! We went to a family member’s baptism over the weekend and boy did my little guy have a blast showing off for anyone and everyone! He sang, he danced, he didn’t crash until the car ride home!

Thinking Thursdays

I spent today looking for profound thoughts to post about but I love this so much more! 🙂 Alex and I had a blast in the bluebonnets a few weeks ago and when Scholastic ran a contest for their magazine cover I couldn’t help but enter. If we make the finals I’ll post the info here so you can vote for us and help us win! 🙂

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La Dia del Madre!

What a great weekend. I took the weekend off of work, hobbies and my to-do list and spent it having some great quality family time. Eric’s IPod is kicking the bucket so we spent some of that quality time Saturday at the Domain here in Austin getting to know our local Apple store a bit better. And since Alex isn’t able to visit the Domain without a penny pitching trip to the fountain I snuck in some photo time! Check out the mini scrapblog below!

An organization I happily support, called knows all about being a Mom and the work it takes and awarded me an honorary Mom of the Year award. You can read more here and spread the fun! ☺

Then Sunday it was off to brunch to celebrate Mother’s day at one of my fave restaurants called North by Northwest, who luckily enough have a great Gluten Free menu for hubby. I’m trying to embrace his lifestyle but cheated today and had an AMAZING pork tenderloin with this fantastic bacon, spinach and cheese risotto. YUM! Then back to the Domain for more Apple store time and home for naps and mommy time.

And how did I spend Mommy time you ask? Filing ☺! I had over 1200 emails sitting in my email inbox and I’m a fanatic for filing all my emails into nice neat folders and only having a week’s worth of emails at at time. Recent craziness has not allowed me time to file and I was going nuts with my overflowing inbox! Am I nerd or what!