Working from home with a sick kid

Is there anything tougher than knowing work won’t wait when your child is sick?  As a telecommuting, work from home mom, I can honestly say no.  When I was in an office and stayed home sick I was out of sight out of mind, but now my co-workers see no difference on the days when I’m out either caring for a sick kid or home sick myself.  What ends up happening is we pull double duty trying to please everyone.  How many of you have ended up more exhausted than your sick kid by running back and forth between caring for your kid and checking email.

All I can say is Thank Goodness for the mute button! I’ve had a sick, cranky kid home all week. Between teething and the horrible allergies she is overtired, wants nothing more than an around the clock supply of juice and Wonder Pets (side note: I want to know how to call that can phone so they come rescue me from this tiny tyrant ;)). I’ve held two live webinars and more than 7 conference calls this week and although they all went well there were some nerve wracking moments. 

My advice if you are home with a sick kid- don’t even open the computer, but if you don’t have a choice, plan ahead. I hold off on the WonderPets until right before a meeting, we eat lunch early and get in a good nap so I can power through some pressing work and I work early or late so I can take time when she needs me to just sit and cuddle on the couch.

Organizing a Kindergarten Room

A few parents and I got together and decided to organize our kindergarten teacher’s class room. Check out the bookshelves that we picked up for a great price to get the project started. I’m thinking about a peg board in the middle section to organize supplies, and then finishing up the 17 foot long wall with rain gutter bookshelves inspired by Pinterest.


Fisher Price Little Tykes Car DIY Makeover

I hinted at the “upgrade” I was giving Livi’s Little Tykes Fisher Price car a few days ago in this post.  My little diva lives in pink and needed a cute ride for her trips up and down the sidewalk.  The hand me down car from big brother was looking a bit faded and worse for the wear and the spray paint for plastic was calling my name.

Here’s my quick tutorial, a few fun pictures and my advice if you’re going to tackle something like this!

  1. Be sure to get painters tape, plenty of newspaper, spray paint intended specifically for plastics (Krylon Fusion for Plastics, Rustoleum and a few specialty brands at Michaels and Hobby Lobby all note clearly that they can be used on plastics).
  2. Use the newspaper to tape off and cover the top portion of the car. Also tape off any accent pieces you want to stand out later. I taped off the “grill” the gas cap, the license plate, the tail lights and the bolts on the front.  I also taped the steering wheel and used plastic bags to cover the tires.
  3. Turn the car over and spray the “under carriage”. I used a silver for this.
  4.  Turn the car back right side up and spray the body of the car. Use light even coats and just keep building up for even coverage. I did three light coats to get a solid robin’s egg blue for my car.
  5. I then lightly covered all but the interior seat area, and sprayed that silver for a little “leather look.”  My girl’s got style! 🙂
  6. Once everything was dry, really, really dry…I took off key pieces of tape and switched the paper from covering up to covering down. If it’s easier just yank the paper and recover the body of the car.  Spray the top and four sides of the top with your top color.
  7. Once everything was dry and all the paper was off I could see yellow and red in the cracks. I used a fine paint brush and some craft paint to cover that.
  8. Finally I pulled out some great sterling silver craft paint and painted “rims” inside the black tires, painted the front boltcovers, painted the gas cap and tail lights.  I used black craft paint to paint the front grill.
  9. Last I did two light coats of Clear UV glossy protectant for plastics (Krylon) to seal it and make sure my hard work lasts!

It was a fun project and just looking at the car and my little girl having so much fun makes me smile.

Now for the pictures!

DIY Kid Car Makeover

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My advice: 
Get in there and get your hands dirty! There is nothing like making something for your kids to make you feel like super mom! I turned an old TV stand into a play kitchen (tutorial coming soon), upgraded this car, who knows what’s next! Be sure to buy real blue painters tape to be sure you don’t pull your paint right off. Also try to tape paper to paper when wrapping your car!

Cost: $15

We had the car—$0

4 cans of spray paint (3 from Hobby Lobby on clearance, 1 regular price from Walmart) – $15

It’s Primal for the Win

I’ve been looking for a way to maintain my weight loss so far, keep losing slowly, and generally steering my family to a healthier way of eating.  I looked a more “lifestyle” diets than I care to write about, but in my love of all things real and natural this family is heading down a Primal road! Primal and Paleo share some common ground and this caught my eye. I’m a visual learner! More to come on how and what we will be eating. I’m teaming Primal cooking up with kid friendly and freezer crockpot preperation for a whole new way to eat healthy for fast moving families!

I grabbed this infographic from Pinterest! Follow me there! Click the button over ————->

Paleolithic Diet Explained
Learn more about the Paleo Diet.

What is the HCG Diet

I was pretty quiet when I decided to take on the HCG diet. I’ve tried everything and failed miserably at losing weight on every proven, recommended, and failsafe plan. I can’t stand the look on peoples faces when they hear me say that and they assume I’m lying. I’m not. I did weight watchers and while it’s an amazing program it didn’t do jack for me. My husband lost 30 lbs but I didn’t. I worked out every day for a year and a half in the gym, in the pool and with a trainer. I was the healthiest overweight person you might meet.

Then about three months ago my blood pressure started creeping up and I did something I swore I wouldn’t do. I checked out the fad diets promising drastic changes. I love my children and am determined to see them through every major milestone life has to bring them. A friend had recently made some amazing progress on the HCG diet and what I read caught my eye.

If you are interested in it, definitely do your own research…there is no better way to learn, but for my friends and family wondering what the heck I’ve been up to, here’s the nuts and bolts.

The HCG diet has been around since the 50s and is modeled after what our bodies do while pregnant. The science behind it is that when pregnant and producing HCG your body process fat differently than at any other time. Basically, to ensure baby always has what it needs the body uses both normal (healthy) and abnormal (not healthy, belly, hips, etc) fat for energy. A doctor back in the 50s realized that if non pregnant people took small quanties of HCG that made their bodies think they were pregnant, the hormonal response was to activate abnormal body fat into energy. The kicker is you have to eat 500-600 calories a day and no more, no fats whatsoever, no oils even in products like lotion/shampoo, etc. Your body HAS to go to the fat for energy and nothing you’re giving it. If you do it right there is no hunger pangs, and after 3 days on a super clean lean meat, veggies and limited fruit diet there are no cravings either. I did a detox first for 2 weeks, the diet for 30 days and am doing 3 additional weeks of no sugars or starches at all. To be completely honest this is the easiest thing I have ever done, which is kind of scary. I eat healthy all the time and nothing works, so for me to eat to fullness (you really can on 500 cals which is weird too, plenty of meat and veggies), and lose was just crazy. During the 30 days there is no exercise because you aren’t taking enough in to support it but I am adding in yoga/walking/jogging now that I’ve tripled my calories. What’s weird is that even though it was only 21 lbs and I have a ton more to go, it was all in my belly and made a huge visual difference. The results are definitely keeping me motivated and I feel great. Once my three weeks of no sugars/no starches are up I start adding things back in slowly. Like a few starches/day at a time and see what my weight does. As long as it maintains or decreases I’m fine, if it goes up I know what triggered it and back off. This isn’t a long term diet but definitely a gateway into better eating habits/lifestyle changes in general.

So there you have it, my take on a diet that is controversial in some corners but a winner in my book!



Crafty Goodness

At the end of the day, when the dust has settled, the house is quiet and I have a beverage of choice in hand, my mind generally turns to some crafty project or other that I have been contemplating. Tonight is no exception, but I thought long and hard about starting anything after the crazy day I had.

Most days I roll with the chaos. I think any parent worth their cheerios knows schedules are pipe dreams and that once the alarm buzzes anything goes. Today the alarm didn’t buzz, kids wore the wrong clothes to the school with a uniform policy, other kids made it out of the house shoeless prompting a quick walmart run, I spent a gazillion dollars in tolls before 8am and went home twice before I got everyone dropped off. Of course after a morning like that I should have been rewarded with a random email from my boss telling me I’m so great I should take the day off, hit the spa and come back refreshed tomorrow, but instead the phone rang. As I was walking out of my Doctors appointment I got a call that my baby had spiked a fever and was being booted from daycare for 24 hours or more. And off we go again.  I won’t beat a dead horse…the whole day went like that, you get the point.

Suffice it to say that by the time we left the pediatricians and waited through the carpool line, I was determined to rescue this day with something fun. So we hit Michaels and Hobby Lobby, grabbed some spray paint specially made for plastics (which happend to be on clearance…cha ching!) and headed home.  That was at 4pm. I didn’t get the house settled down and get ready to paint until 9, but who’s counting.

So project pictures coming tomorrow, but let me just say I’m taking the Fisher Price Little Tykes car to a whole new place for my little girl. I always feel bad when she gets a tired, faded hand me down that her big brother has outgrown. I don’t want to be wasteful and really hate having two of something so spray paint and a crafty momma to the rescue.

I was inspired by a mini cooper and an awesome robin’s egg blue color! Come back tomorrow, you won’t want to miss this transformation.

My inspiration!


Exhaustion, Fatigue, Sleep Deprived…

There at some words that don’t do a feeling justice. My daughter has night terrors…every night. However due to the crazy OCD genes she inherited from her father she is rather prompt about it, and I can usually count on the shrieking beginning  at either 10, 12, or 2. It has only been a month of regular episodes, but I have already forgotten what being rested feels like. Even coffee is not doing the trick, and being smack in the middle of an HCG round isn’t helping either. Well its not helping my exhaustion, but it is doing super sweet things to my waistline!

Night terrors are truly evil from my point of view since it’s not something I can make better. The tiny tyrant isn’t coherent and not only isn’t aware of me, but trying to hold or comfort her just escalates things, so I’m left sitting by watching a heart wrenching, ear splitting fit where the best I can do is try to stop her from hurting herself. It is truly awful to withhold comfort whether it helps or not.  So each night we pray for peaceful sleep, tuck the kids in bed and wait…

Keeping Out of the Public Eye

Oh boy have we ever reached the home bound point. My kids were embarrassingly bad in the stores this morning. Running, shouting, flinging toys, you name it…ughhhh.  Am I the only mom out there ready to order everything online until I can whip my kids into shape?

Oh well at least it was a mildly successful trip since hubbub and I both agree on my new decor ideas!  Check out my inspiration courtesy of world market.


And for my future office table


And finally the colors for the living room refresh


I can’t wait to get started!