Telecommuting Tips

Working from home is an exercise in time management and discipline! Over the years I’ve read the books, tried the tips and in the end developed my own strategies that guide my productivity in a home office. Whether you’re like me working from home and juggling life with tiny tyrants or you are just trying to be a more effective telecommuter I hope my experiences can help you succeed.  I have grand plans to get the best of the best into a book sometime in 2012!

  • Time Management: 
    • SlimTimer: A great resource  if you are trying to juggle the hours you spend on any activity. Whether you freelance, are a telecommuter or just need a handle on those volunteer hours SlimTimer allows you to create tasks that fit your life. When you click on a task it starts a stopwatch. Click again to stop it. Then on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis you can run reports on how many hours you spend on each task. It’s a great way to track time and stay on top of whatever schedule you set for yourself.  I’ve been using it for years and recommend it far and wide when I encounter a situation where someone is trying to get a handle on where their time is spent!

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